Morning Break Club

Available at RUSD Schools


Many RUSD schools offer a variety of informational workshops for parents. 

A Variety of Topics


Topics vary at each school. Parent input is elicited to ensure that Morning Break Club topics are relevant and beneficial. 



Morning Break Club presenters include teachers, principals, community liaisons, school counselors, collaborative agencies, and more. 

Child Care


Child care is offered during some Morning Break Clubs. Children are always welcome! 

2019-20 Schedule


Contact your child's school or the Family Resource Center to find out when and at which schools Morning Break Club will be offered this year. Parents are welcome to attend Morning Break Clubs at RUSD schools other than the one their child(ren) attend(s). 

Parent Centers

Access to technology

Parent Centers are available at four elementary schools:  Jellick, Northam, Villacorta, and Yorbita. Parents are invited to come during open hours when they can access the internet, learn technology skills, get help from FRC staff, and print on a limited basis. Parents can check their children's grades and/or attendance, look for jobs and/or housing, work on their resume, and access other information more conveniently. FRC staff are there to help out when parents have trouble with a search or application. 


Parent Education


Parent Project

This is parent course is offered several times a year to assist parents with parenting skills. The classes meet court mandate and are conducted in both English and Spanish. Read parent comments about Parent Project here

Parent Project Flyer

Collaborative Partners

Our collaborative partners continually provide opportunities for RUSD parents to attend a variety of classes. Check on this web site and on those of our collaborative partner agencies to find out about opportunities.  

Parent Testimonial

DCFS came to my door and I got a court order to attend this class. I thought that this parenting class was going to be just like the other parenting classes I have taken (boring). But it had so much energy and life. The class was very interesting and everyone interacted. I couldn't wait for the next class. The teachers were very friendly and made everyone feel comfortable. No one made you feel out of place. I have nothing but good feelings about this parenting class. Thank you! - Fall 2017 Parent Project participant

Parent Testimonial

I was a bit skeptical about the class as I have attended others in the past. However, toward the end of the class, I found that the advice was working and began to see change for the good and more peace in our home. Thank you for all that you have taught us. I will definitely carry the things that I have learned and continue to implement them in the future. - Parent Project Participant, Fall 2017

Parent Testimonial

Before this class I was very uptight, stressed, and yelled a lot. Because of this class, I can honestly say my yelling is way down. My frustration with my kids is not as high. I've learned how to calmly say what I have to say, take away any items for a short time, and not yell or get overly frustrated. This class has helped me with my daughter when she overreacts. I'm not perfect and we still need some work, but life is getting better. Thank you for everything. I would highly recommend this class to anyone with kids. - Fall 2017 Parent Project participant